Calendar of Workshops and Theme Weeks


Suryoma, The Full Spectrum of Life in conjunction with Providence, A Holistic Living Retreat in the Pyrenees, is happy to offer the following residential workshops. Full details of all these workshops are available on request. All workshops are conducted in English unless otherwise stated. They are founded on the principles of personal transformation, empowerment and natural nutrition. If you have a group of a minimum of 6 people we are happy to give the classes at a mutual convenient date and place. All classes are taught by fully qualified facilitators.

For the Holistic Parenting Programme® for parents and professionals please go to:

For HypnoBirthing® for parents and professionals, please go to:

For Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Somatic healing workshops, trainings and personnal sessions, please go to:

contact us or call (33) (0)5 6160 3899 or (33) (0)5 6168 3302 

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